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14-16 Seater Minibus Hire

There are different 14-16 seater minibus hire service providers in and around York. If you don’t know whether the taxi operator you wish to engage is credible, you need to do lots of due diligence. With Travel Eaze, there isn’t much you need to dig about. For the 15 years we have been in the group taxi service industry in York, we have built a solid reputation for providing exceptional services that have seen many 16 passenger groups coming to us every time they want to tour the city in style.

Lowest Rates in the Entire York City

Choosing Travel Eaze to offer 14-16 seat minibus hire services is more of a blessing in disguise. We have the lowest rates in the entire York city. We give you the opportunity to save on your trip with incentives unlike other taxi operators. When you book your trip/vehicle using our innovative platform-smartphone app or web tool, you automatically qualify for a discount. Book your minibus remotely and Travel Eaze will honour our promise to help you save.

Minibuses for All Weather and Geography

If your 16 passenger group wishes to tour Fulford or Rufforth, Travel Eaze will help you choose the minibus that will fit the terrain and weather. We procure minibuses that are designed to haul heavy loads. Our buses will perform excellently even when you have bagfulls of luggage. We design the minibuses to do well in rough off road surfaces. There is the climate control feature that lets you regulate optimal on-board environment whether you are traveling in summer or winter. You can hack the long distance trip comfortably and the minibus you chose will drive you back to the city with no incident.

Top Rated Drivers

Choose the 14-16 seater minibus hire vehicles and your trip will be manned by one of the top rated drivers you can find in the York taxi travel industry. We make sure that our drivers are not only proficient when handling the latest vehicle models, but we put them through the DBS vetting process. All this is Travel Eaze’s way of providing a chauffeur you can entrust with your stuff and peace of mind. Don’t let incompetent drivers navigate your minibus, it could end on a bad note. Travel Eaze employs licensed drivers who have been on the road for more than 15 years. We are compliant with transport sector regulations in Heslington and Rawcliffe.

No Trip Restrictions

In York, Travel Eaze will provide the 14-16 seater minibus anytime you want to set out for your trip. It can be a wedding, a tour of the country side or a group airport pick up late at night. We don’t have restrictions regarding the hours of operations, and the distance we can travel.  Contact our customer service desk; we will be there to answer your questions or provide guidance on the best minibus model that will make your group tour comfy, fulfilling and successful. Call us today.

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