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Minibus Hire Rawcliffe | Taxis Rawcliffe

Local and international travellers in Rawcliffe tends to gravitate towards a taxi service company that carries a super reputation when looking for reliable private transport services. It so happens that Travel Eaze is one of those reputable service providers in the area. We are 15 years into to the business, and we have recorded stellar performances when it comes to service delivery. We have a growing number of new and repeat customers who keep recommending others to us. This means we fulfil the traveling needs of many individuals and groups visiting Rawcliffe.

There are solo small and large group taxi packages on offer. These include:

Executive Taxi

Travel Eaze specializes in the provision of world class executive taxi services. We offer our corporate and leisure travellers the most enticing VIP treatment in our refined fleet. We source our top of the range taxis from top car brands. We don’t rely on the average vehicle to pick or transport or esteemed clients. Choose Travel Eaze and you can sample Rawcliffe in pomp and style.

Taxi Rawcliffe

Whenever you require taxi Rawcliffe services, Travel Eaze is more than prepared to give you high quality travel services. We operate 24-hours and our customer support team will assist you or your group to find the most appropriate package for your budget. We know you want to get to your destination or home fast. We dispatch drivers who are well versed with the area.

8-9 Seat Minibus Hire
Travel Eaze will honour your request for a minibus that can carry 9 passengers comfortably. We know you want to save money on fuel or parking. As such, this minibus becomes your best alternative whether you want to travel; day or night.

10-12 Seat Minibus Hire

In Rawcliffe, Travel Eaze makes your trip in a group of 12 comfortable and cost effective. If you cost share you get to pay less. If you want peace of mind, this minibus offers your group the chance to ride together compared to the nasty experience you have to contend with if you are using several cabs.

14-16 Seat Minibus Hire

The 16 passenger minibuses from Travel Eaze is built to handle all manner of terrain and road surface. Even if you are venturing out miles from the city environment, the engine capacity and performance on the road are excellent.

16-18 Seater Minibus Hire

Choose Travel Eaze for satisfactory large group travel experiences. This minibus option is ideal for larger groups with up to 18 persons. You can comfortably sit with all the legroom you need. The amenities on board make your trip more exciting.

Airport Taxi

At Travel Eaze, you can request for punctual airport taxi services and get them in less than 30 minutes. We let you prebook via our mobile phone app, and we shall know when your arrival date is due. You and your group will find us waiting for you at the airport even if you are flying in at midnight. Contact us today.

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